I kissed a girl. And I liked it. The song played way before I thought it possible. This girl though wanted me to. I am a Christian. This feels too right for Leviticus 18. And worse for Romans 1. I mean we can negate the Old Testament for being too old. We are the assembly … Continue reading I KISSED A GIRL


I wasn’t quitting on my faith, NO, how could I, Jesus seemed the realest! I was basically saying, “I cannot ignore my feelings of same sex attractions, and I didn’t  know how to remain Christian amidst them.” Being home with Christ felt like the only comfort; I became suicidal!

My Story for you

Internet told me that I was gay! I hated gay! Everyone hates gays, even God hated them so much that he burnt a whole city because of them.

I am not gay!

That was my now biggest prayer. God I don’t wanna be gay. I was hopeful. I fasted. Read the word and all my tender mind could think.

Being Gay in a Straight man’s world

This is an article I wish I never sat down to draft, not due to its content but more so due to my context. Though I seek to be understood many will end up doing otherwise. In hope, though I will pen my words down, someday maybe, someone will get it. This has come about due to my own personal experience and the many stories I have heard from people who experience an enduring pattern of physical, emotional and sexual attractions towards the same gender. I label that experience Gay

Beauty from Broken

They won't like you no moreWhen they realizeWhat makes you beautifulIs your very brokenness. And just like that,What beheld beautyWill behold scorn. They will look at you like a curse,Only acknowledge your beautifulBut never call you one.Because when they do,They'd be saying you're normal.But you are not! And that conflicts them badly. They'd rather you're … Continue reading Beauty from Broken