I kissed a girl. And I liked it. The song played way before I thought it possible. This girl though wanted me to. I am a Christian. This feels too right for Leviticus 18. And worse for Romans 1. I mean we can negate the Old Testament for being too old. We are the assembly … Continue reading I KISSED A GIRL


I wasn’t quitting on my faith, NO, how could I, Jesus seemed the realest! I was basically saying, “I cannot ignore my feelings of same sex attractions, and I didn’t  know how to remain Christian amidst them.” Being home with Christ felt like the only comfort; I became suicidal!


#I_Press_On Phil 3: 12- 16 God has made us his own. God has obtained a salvation and inheritance for us. God has called us to live as his own and to receive the reward of being his. >> However, much of that in some way remains yet to be realized and at times does not … Continue reading PRESS ON

The Prince of Peace

Thus when Jesus comes, he moves ahead to declare that Shalom/Eirene. Peace to the woman who had struggled for 12 years with bleeding- Mark 5:25-34, peace to the disciples who most likely would be frightened by his departure-John 14:27 and much more peace to those who would be justified by Faith to God through him